Meet Wesley Ryatt, his middle name does not disappoint . Wesley lives in a small town in Illinois and will be two-years-old in April. Wesley uses American Sign Language (ASL) as his primary form of communication right now. He is a local favorite just about anywhere he goes, a complete people magnet, and he doesn’t know a stranger, constantly greeting with a smile.

Some of his favorite things include pizza and YouTube! He is quite the dance instructor of all things on LooLoo Kids and Coco Melon. His favorites include “The Itsy Bitsy Spider” and “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes.” He is a big fan of swinging and wrestling with his older siblings. Wes started walking at 17 months and hasn’t sat still since. He is incredibly fast and strong. We plan to get Wesley started in gymnastics as soon as he’s old enough, as he’s already mastered self-taught somersaults. If you ask him for some “sugar,”, be prepared for the best hug you’ll ever get.

Wes entered the world, calm, cold, and quiet, sporting an extra chromosome we knew nothing about. He only spent a week in the NICU because he made progress daily. The doctors would no sooner get a new IV, tube, or machine hooked up and then he didn’t need it anymore. He has a strong will and stubborn determination that has only grown with age. He is a warrior, and my own personal hero.

We are completely over the moon honored to represent this organization. When Wesley was three weeks old, a genetic counselor told me “You can not expect him to do typical things” and she was absolutely right. I don’t expect him to do typical things, I expect him to do and be so much MORE than typical. Wesley’s spirit demands your attention and forces a love you can’t put into words. He’s moving mountains and changing hearts. You can keep up with Wes at ​www.facebook.com/wesleyswarrior and Instagram @ wesleyswarriors44

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