The R Card

The R Card is an innovative idea that Nothing Down has developed to solve a very unfortunate problem that exists in this world. Unfortunately, we still live in a time that people use the “R” word. So many parents have expressed to Nothing Down that not only is this word hurtful, but it also puts them in a very uncomfortable position. So many parents don’t know how to respond in the moment when hearing someone use that word. They are afraid of confrontation, or are concerned with how they will be perceived. It’s an especially uncomfortable situation if the person that is using the word is a co-worker or a person of authority. The problem extends even further when parents say nothing in response, often feeling disappointed with themselves. Some parents even expressed guilt, feeling as though they did not defend their child when placed in an opportunity when they could have advocated instead.

Nothing Down, with the help of an ambassador family, developed a small card that can be handed out or shared digitally to help end the use of the R word. It is a small card that features a handful of bullet points along with photos of children with Down syndrome.

The R Cards are available in a standard format for download at no cost, or are available to purchase in packs of 10 or 20 for a small fee. You are also able to download the customizable card in which you can place your child’s photo. Please note that only the standard cards are available for purchase at this time.

Due to Covid19, we are unable to offer cards for purchase at this time.
Please feel free to download and print your cards below, or check back to purchase soon.
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