Two-year-old Vaughn is Nothing Down’s only Canadian ambassador. He has a contagious smile, a sensitive heart and gives the greatest hugs. Vaughn is a strong-willed and curious little boy who loves trains, puzzles, books and mastering new signs. His energy and curiosity keeps his parents on their toes, as Vaughn is always on the move, running and climbing.

We feel so lucky that Vaughn was born in today’s age – a time with such a buzz and push for inclusion for people of all abilities. We know without a doubt that Vaughn will continue to break stereotypes and show the world that he is smart, capable, worthy, and that there truly is nothing “down” about Vaughn or his extra chromosome. He makes his family and friends proud every day and is loved beyond measure.

You can keep up with Vaughn on his Instagram page- @daily.vaughn

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