Tynleigh Grace came into this world with the determination to BEAT the expectations others had predetermined for her. Although we, her parents, were told that there was a higher than normal risk, Tynleigh’s diagnosis was not fully confirmed until post-birth. Overall she has been in great health, only having to take one pill a day for Hypothyroidism. She has shared her happiness and love to millions ALL over the world, a lot of which came from a simple video of her celebrating her 2nd birthday that went viral on Nothing Down’s Facebook page. That in turn led to Good Morning America taking interest in Tynleigh by calling us and requesting an interview so they could continue sharing her story. Our local news station also came to our home for an interview and filmed her for a news segment. All of this amazing exposure has happened in just the first two years of her beautiful life. Our girl loves to dance and sing. She participates in ballet and tap and will perform in her first recital in June. Tynleigh is a precious gift to our family, she is SMART, STRONG, CAPABLE and most of all, a child of God. We are so excited to be an ambassador for Nothing Down this year and to advocate for all the EXTRAordinary children and adults. We can’t wait to see how far Tynleigh will go and what mark she will make on the world.

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