Hanna Strebel is one of 29 ambassadors from across the globe chosen to represent Nothing Down in their mission to show the world the potential of individuals with Down syndrome.

Hanna Strebel of Tabiona, UT was announced this week as an ambassador for Nothing Down, an organization aiming to change the way the world views Down syndrome. Twenty-one-year-old Hanna is one of 29 new ambassadors from across the globe. She was chosen to represent Nothing Down and, alongside her family, will assist the organization through community outreach, fundraising and social media promotion for the duration of 2020. The mission of Nothing Down is to provide support, advocacy, education and opportunities for individuals and families that have been touched by Down syndrome. They aim to change the way that the world views Down syndrome and eliminate the stigmas that are often associated with disabilities. The organization produces documentaries, viral photo and video projects, an annual calendar, and social media campaigns that highlight the promise and beauty of individuals with Down syndrome. In addition, Nothing Down runs several programs- Blessing Baskets of Hope, which supports new and expectant parents of babies with Down syndrome, and a nationwide World Down Syndrome Day school program that celebrates differences and fosters acceptance among students.. The school program raises awareness and funds for participating schools during the week of World Down Syndrome Day (March 21.) Nothing Down ambassadors and their families support the organization’s mission by promoting such programs and by educating the public on the potential and abilities of individuals with Down syndrome.

Nothing Down announced the application process for their Ambassador Program in January. They received well over 500 applications, hailing from 42 states and 11 different countries. Hanna and her 28 fellow ambassadors were announced this week through a slideshow on the Nothing Down Facebook page. To keep up with the ambassadors and their mission, follow along at www.facebook.com/nothingdown or www.instagram.com/nothingdownorg or https://nothingdown.org

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