Nadia is 20 months old and ready to take on the world. She is just starting to stand on her own, and will be taking her first step any day now. Nadia is one of the ambassadors chosen from right outside of Philadelphia, in Delaware County, Pennsylvania.

Nadia was born six weeks premature on August 5, 2017, after her mom spent five weeks on bed rest in the hospital leading up to her arrival. She was diagnosed with duodenal atresia and had corrective surgery at one day old. Other than that, Nadia has had no other health issues.

Nadia loves playing with her sisters and brothers. She also loves little doll babies, barbies, and she is a big fan of music.

Every time I see Nadia overcome a challenge, it reminds me that she is here to do great things. We look forward to everything Nadia has to teach us.

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