Born in China, Lian was lovingly welcomed into his forever family’s arms on October 30, 2016. In the two years he has been home, he has made tremendous strides in health and development! Bright, funny, and with a keen love of music, Lian spends his days dancing, reading books, and practicing speech! He participates in a gymnastics class, loves to swim, and is very fluent in sign language.

Lian can be quite the mischievous ham, making everyone around him laugh. When out and about, he loves to give everyone he meets a high five and even the grouchiest stranger cannot resist his enthusiastic hello, coupled with a big smile.

While Lian has endured much loss in his short life, he doesn’t let that keep him down! His story is being shared far and wide, encouraging other adoptive families to say “YES!” to children who have Down syndrome. Lian’s adoption story is being published in a book that will come out in late 2019 and he also represents North Carolina in a new children’s book about the states!

Lian is adored by his parents and three older siblings, AND he will be getting a younger sister who also is rocking the extra chromosome from China in 2020!

Lian is a blessing to all who know him!

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