James is our sweet 5 year old St. Patrick’s Day miracle. We didn’t find out that he had Down syndrome until birth, which came as quite a shock. But James very quickly showed us that the love of parents doesn’t change just because of one extra chromosome. We live in a very supportive community that fully embraces inclusion. James and his friend, who also rocks the extra chromosome, are the reason behind the Just Two Moms organization. Their mommies started spreading the word and advocating for the acceptance and inclusion of ALL people in Northern California. (Facebook @justtwomoms and Instagram @justtwomomssr)

Although James has had a rough medical past, he can make you smile in an instant. You would never have guessed he’s had 3 major surgeries and 23 other minor surgeries, hundreds of days in the hospital and several hard to diagnose medical issues. The twinkle in his eye has captured our hearts from day one and has never faded, even in the worst of times.

He is fully included in preschool and is making such great gains! He knows well over 350 signs and counting. He loves learning and is keeping up with his typically developing peers. His teachers say that he’s an empathic friend who always brings comforts his friends in their times of need. We can’t wait to see how James continues to change the world!

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