Jada Joy

Jada is 2 1/2 and a sheer Joy, as her middle name suggests. She was born in August of 2016, and had a birth diagnosis of Down syndrome. She has been changing perceptions and lighting up the world ever since she was born. She is the focal point of a project in West Central Ohio called Spread Jada’s Joy, bringing awareness and support to families in our area.

Jada has an older 5 year old sister, KJ, whom she adores and tries to keep up with in every way! She has recently started walking independently and is so proud! She continues to learn new signs and words everyday. Jada’s mom and dad are both educators and athletic coaches, so she spends a lot of time inside Lima Senior High School, where she also attends an early head start program with her typical peers. Jada is loved by her friends and teachers alike! We are so grateful for a fully inclusive setting right within our high school. Jada loves watching live basketball and cheering on the Spartans!

We are so proud and excited for Jada to serve as a 2019 Nothing Down ambassador!

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