Fleur is a spunky, charismatic, and hilarious two year old. She lives in a small town in Pennsylvania, but makes new friends everywhere she goes. Sometimes she will start a random dance party in the grocery line, and turns heads to blow kisses with strangers. Her loud energetic hello is enough to turn a bad day into something good. Not only is she beautiful, but she is extremely smart. Fleur has therapy almost daily and excels at most challenges presented. Walking has just recently been conquered, and now she can start running towards her dreams. Swimming and dancing are two of her favorite activities, and music makes her shine.

She is such a hard worker and inspires people around her to be better. As someone who is so full of love, it’s hard for others not to feel her energy. Her happiness is constant and is truly contagious. This wild spirited girl has nothing but open doors ahead of her. Whatever she chooses to do in life will be a magical journey. There is no doubt that she will light the way for others while rocking her amazing Fleur smile. As an ambassador, she will make Pennsylvania and Nothing Down proud!

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