Meet Aubrey Paige! She is 19 months old and full of love and laughter. Aubs has completely changed our lives for the better and has shown us that there is nothing down about Down syndrome. Aubrey is a true miracle. When we received her Down syndrome diagnosis, the doctors told us all of the negatives and none of the positives about our daughter. Needless to say, she proved every one of those doctors wrong! Aubrey is a smart, loving, strong and special girl. She is also a fighter. Our little girl is heart warrior, after undergoing two open heart surgeries and also having surgery for a hernia. Aubrey is also mama’s girly girl! She is a little diva and has a passion for bling and fashion. She loves to dress up and have her picture taken. Aubrey truly has a heart of gold and her diagnosis will never define her. We hope that, together with Aubrey, we can change the way the world sees Down syndrome!

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