Arianna is five years old and we are so excited that she was chosen to be a 2020 ambassador for Nothing Down! Arianna was diagnosed prenatally with Down syndrome and her birth mom chose to put her up for adoption because the diagnosis scared her. Our family was registered with the National Down Syndrome Adoption Network and we were matched with the birth family 3 months before Arianna was born. We got to hold her in our arms when she was just a few hours old! In the last 5 years we have been able to show the birth family that Down syndrome is not a negative thing, but a blessing. She has changed our world for the better and brought so much light into our lives. Arianna is a blessing!

Arianna has done modeling for Zulily and she reps for a few small shops. Our family is trying to change the way the retail world sees differently-abled people. She is a ham and loves the camera! Last October Arianna was crowned Miss Petite Queen in our local Exceptional Families Pageant. Because we spread Down syndrome awareness through random acts of kindness all over our community, she was awarded Citizen of the month in October 2019. Arianna is becoming very well known in our community as the little girl who brings a bright light to our city while spreading kindness and Down syndrome acceptance and awareness.

Arianna LOVES Frozen and Toy Story. She has some impressive dance moves and loves singing and dancing to just about any type of music. In public she gives high fives and fist bumps pretty freely and seems to find people who need a little cheering up. Arianna is loved by her big family and we can’t wait to share that there is Nothing Down about Arianna and all of her friends that rock that extra chromosome!

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