Addison is our four and fearless little lady. We don’t ever have to worry about people limiting her because, in her opinion, she can do anything!. She is always ready for adventure and has a way of making anything ordinary in life extraordinary.

In between going to full day preschool, she spends her time being a mommy to her baby dolls, getting into trouble with her little sister, and playing outside as much as possible. She inspires everyone around her with her determination, positivity, and ear-to-ear smile.

She advocates for the Down Syndrome community just by being herself, being the social butterfly that she is and sharing her story with our circle of the world! She represented her home state, New Jersey, in a newly published children’s book (written by her mom and another mom of a child with Down syndrome) about the 50 States. She is so excited to be a 2020 Nothing Down ambassador!!

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