Saris Marie Garcia is almost 19 years old. Saris has a smile that will light a room! She is sweet, considerate and kind. She has a warm and beautiful personality! Down syndrome does not stop her. She is dedicated and is so proud of all her accomplishments. Saris loves sports and actively participates in Gymnastics, Stand up Paddleboard, Surfing and Equestrian. Saris also loves cheerleading; she is fully included in the cheer program in her High school. Saris is a model and has walked in New York Fashion Week three times and has participated in San Juan Moda fashion show in Puerto Rico as well as shows in Orlando, FL since 2018. She truly has a passion for modeling and has received a “Best Determined Model” and “Most Inspirational Model” recognitions. Saris is making a difference one fashion show at a time! Saris is confident and beautiful! She has hopes and dreams and is showing the world that she or anyone with down syndrome can achieve them. Saris loves to inspire others and has a message for you: “Do not be afraid, try your best and have fun!”We are very excited to be part of the 2020 Nothing Down Ambassador family and continue changing how the world sees Down Syndrome. To learn more about Saris’ journey, follow her on Facebook at ​ and instagram at ​​.

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