Hi, I’m Ruby! I am Nothing Down’s youngest and only Canadian ambassador for 2020. I have been full of surprises since day one! I had a birth diagnosis, and made my debut seven weeks early. I just couldn’t wait to get here! I spent 10 days in the hospital for monitoring and hold the record for the quickest preemie discharge at my local hospital. Although I was born with just a little bit extra, I have no medical concerns. I’ve been non-stop ever since!

Ruby adores her older siblings, Lola and Jack, and tries to keep up with them whenever she can! She loves music and swimming is our sweet spot. Ruby has already captured the hearts of so many with her infectious laugh and sweet snuggles. We couldn’t imagine a world without her!

This little lady is so full of life and love and has shown our family, and community, that there really is Nothing Down about Down Syndrome! We are so thankful that Ruby chose us, and we will continue to shout her worth and promote advocacy anywhere we can! You can keep up with Ruby on her Instagram page at- rockin_it_with_ruby.

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