This is the mischievous and fun loving River, a whirlwind with a sparkle in his eyes. His story is unique, as his diagnosis of Down syndrome wasn’t known until he was six months old. UK hospitals missed it and he was later diagnosed in Tanzania where he now lives with his family, squashing culture myths and showing society just how capable people with Down syndrome are. River is feisty, determined, funny, and adventurous. He loves running, jumping, climbing, riding his trike and scooter, drawing, dancing, cars and playing with his dogs.

He is a very much loved and valued member of his family and is truly showing the world that Down syndrome really isn’t so scary at all. His cheeky antics can be found at www.facebook.com/IamRiverDownSyndromeAwareness where his wonderful and worthy life is making a difference to the world. River is massively proud to be a Nothing Down ambassador alongside the other fabulous individuals by his side.

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