Olivia (Livie) was our early Christmas present five years ago! After our prenatal diagnosis at 17 weeks, she was welcomed into the world with abundant family support. Her infectious giggle and smile brings joy to all around her, but don’t let her fool you, she can give out sass like the best of them. She loves to give hugs and play with her baby brother. She enjoys practicing to be a doctor and eating popcorn while watching hockey with Daddy.

Through her Facebook page she shows the world her beautiful journey. From day one, Livie’s determination and hard work has broken stereotypes. She has shown that no one can predict a child’s capabilities and that she has no limits! Livie continues to amaze all of her therapists, teachers, and doctors as she is constantly pushing the bounds and surpassing their goals.

Livie was so happy to be featured in the Nothing Down calendar for March of 2017, where she was rocking her silly socks like a champ. Livie is super excited to be an ambassador for 2020!

Follow her on Facebook, and Instagram, at Livie’s Livin’ It Up.

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