Meet Nicholas! He is two years old and lives in Oswego, New York. We received his official Down syndrome diagnosis six days after he was born, so it was quite a shock! At the time, we knew nothing about Down syndrome other than all of the inaccurate presumptions that we previously had. Since then, we have discovered that having a child with Down syndrome is not much different than having a child without it! Just like any other child, Nicholas is curious, playful, and excited to show you all that he can do! He has just learned how to walk and is gearing up for his transition into preschool in the fall!

It is our family’s mission to show the world that Down syndrome is not scary or bad news, and that having a family member with Down syndrome can add such value to your life. That is why we are so happy to be chosen as a 2020 ambassador for the Nothing Down Organization, who shares that same mission. Nicholas’ future is truly limitless, and this opportunity is just a small example of that! You can follow our family’s journey at or

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