Molly is a fun and bubbly 2 ½ year old little beauty from Carlow in Ireland. Born with the complicated heart condition, Tetrology of Fallot, Molly has successfully gone through two open heart surgeries and stents. She is known as a “Little Heart Warrior” and is doing fantastic! Molly uses sign language to communicate and after just recently learning to crawl, she is already nearly standing and is raring to go! She loves music and is completely country music mad with lots of celebrity fans from the music industry following her. After setting up pages for Molly on Instagram and Facebook, she gained quite a following. She quickly got picked up by several international brands and now showcases their clothes and bows as a brand representative. She loves to pose for the camera and has been photographed for newspapers, magazines and calendars. She’s even had a few television appearances. Molly is also the first model with Down syndrome to be signed to a large Irish Model Agency. Becoming an ambassador for Nothing Down was a big dream of ours and we are delighted to take on this role and spread even more awareness that there is Nothing Down about Down syndrome! Molly’s progress and advocacy can be followed on and on Instagram

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