Marcus was born 5 weeks early in September 2016. We learned around 15 weeks gestation that he had a high risk of having Trisomy 21. For our family it was scary as we had no idea what to expect.

He came into the world really quiet. It turned out that he had fluid around his lung- a condition called Chylothorax- which kept him hospitalized for the first two months of life. Since then Marcus has been perfectly healthy and strong! One of the first thing we noticed about Marcus was his affinity to love. The very first sign he learned was “love” and he uses it all the time to openly express his feelings for us.

Marcus started walking right after he turned 2 and has developed a very strong love of books. He loves to dance, he often gets the whole family dancing with him to his favorite songs! His favorite show is Sesame Street and he has recently developed a strong interest in dinosaurs. One of the most profound things Marcus has shown us is the purity of love. His love is full and comes with no conditions or expectations. We love him to pieces and can’t wait to see what else he will show us!

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