Lucas Solak is a 4 year old from Massachusetts who brings smiles to the face of everyone he meets. Lucas and his twin brother, Christopher, were adopted in 2018, in part thanks to a listing from the National Down Syndrome Adoption Network. We were only pondering adoption and hadn’t considered a child with Down Syndrome, but when we heard about the boys our hearts knew they were meant to be our sons. Lucas has taught us so much since joining our family! We knew we would be becoming parents for the first time when we found the boys, but we never could have guessed the amazing community we would find among other families raising children with Down Syndrome. Our family grew in more ways than one! Lucas has mild hearing loss, wears really strong glasses, is the first child ever diagnosed with the combination of Down Syndrome and Soto’s Syndrome, is hoping for the last of the three holes in his heart to close up, and is being tested for autism. But none of that keeps him from doing anything he puts his mind to! Lucas has recently started communicating through a program on his iPad. He is learning to walk independently, and attends an inclusive pre-kindergarten program.

Lucas loves making other people smile. Lucas smiles the most when he is giving out smooches, watching Peppa Pig and Muppet Babies, or going to school and seeing all of his friends. Lucas is involved in our local Special Olympics Young Athletes program and takes riding lessons each week, along with all of his therapies, in and out of school. While things don’t always come easy for Lucas, he never gives up and keeps showing people that they should never underestimate him! We are so excited for Lucas to represent Nothing Down for 2020 and show even more people that Down Syndrome isn’t something to fear. It’s an often unexpected blessing that will only make your life richer and make you slow down and appreciate each milestone.

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