This is our sweet ‘Lady Liberty.’ Liberty is two years old and the only Nothing Down ambassador from Texas. Liberty was born with two holes in her heart and a herniated diaphragm. Both were corrected through multiple surgeries when she was around eight months old and she has been very healthy ever since! Liberty is a fighter!

Liberty has an infectious smile, her hugs and snuggles melt your heart and she has the ability to make your day 1,000 times better. Liberty is incredibly adventurous and curious. She is taking on toddlerhood in full force and gets into everything! She loves to swing, go on walks, play with her siblings and is obsessed with Doritos!

We feel so truly blessed that Liberty has been chosen to help raise awareness and show there is ‘Nothing Down about Down Syndrome!’ You can’t meet her sweet joyful face and not fall in love with her. Liberty is ready to show the world that ALL people are worthy and deserve love and acceptance.

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