Meet Jocelyn Denise who was born March 19, 2017 representing the Wild and Wonderful state of West Virginia from the city of Martinsburg. Jocelyn, in her short three years, has been in the hospital on four occasions and has had three surgeries. Despite it all, she has not skipped a beat. She is a sweet, fun-loving little girl that is very strong-willed. Her smile will light up the darkest room, her laugh will bring joy to all that hear it and her hugs will warm your heart. Jocelyn never meets a stranger. She speaks, waves or throws kisses to everyone she comes in contact with, including family, friends and even people she does not know.

We did not know until Jocelyn had her heart surgery at 6 months that she has Down syndrome as all prenatal testing showed no signs. The diagnosis came as a surprise, however that has not slowed down our “Wonder Woman”. She is our perfect little angel.

Jocelyn loves reading books, playing with her play kitchen, and thinking she is in charge. She enjoys playing with her babies and, at times, thinks other kids are her babies too. It is also believed that she gets a kick out of driving her mommy and daddy crazy and keeping them on the move at all times.

Jocelyn has always loved dance and started dance class in the fall of 2019. She really loves going to her dance class and wearing her tutu. We hope with starting early she will break stereotypes across the country and be the next Misty Copeland proving there is “Nothing Down” about Jocelyn Denise Sykes.

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