Isla Grace is 17 months old and joy personified. She is the youngest of three, with big sister and brother, Ainsley (9) and Elias (7), cheering her on every step of the way. Isla has started standing on her own and is starting to take her first steps! She is a fiercely determined, and somewhat strong-willed, toddler. She loves music and dancing, playing ninjas with her brother and having tickle wars with her sister. When her mommy is cooking, she loves to empty the pantry! She loves the church nursery, making friends and is opening hearts wherever she goes.

Isla had a prenatal diagnosis at 13 weeks. Every doctor and care provider we encountered along the way was amazing. We were shown compassion, but also treated as any other expectant parents, as the world of Down Syndrome was opened up to us. We are hopeful that other doctors can learn from the wonderful experience we had, so that other families can prepare for the joyful future that lies ahead for them as they welcome a child with Down Syndrome.

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