Hayden is a kind, brave, smart, strong, and funny six-year-old kindergartener who is always up for a fist bump or a high five. He adds incredible joy, adventure, and love to the lives of his family and friends. His favorite things include: climbing, jumping, exploring, swinging, dancing, listening to music, and being awesome. Hayden enjoys learning and growing alongside his peers and being meaningfully included and supported in all aspects of his school and community experience. He loves to stay active through his involvement in a variety of activities, including Special Olympics Young Athletes, martial arts, swimming, playing basketball and baseball, and participating in programming at his local GiGi’s Playhouse.

Hayden is thrilled and grateful to have been chosen as 2020 Ambassador for Nothing Down! It is an honor to be part of an extraordinary group of individuals who are rockin’ their extra chromosome and advocating for acceptance and belonging while providing accurate information and celebrating the beauty and worth of individuals with Down syndrome.

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