Hello, I am Chelsea Cummings. I just had my birthday and turned 27 years old. I am so excited that I was chosen to be a 2020 ambassador for the Nothing Down organization. I love being involved in life and all things fun. I have worked for the past two years at the local Wawa and just got voted as employee of the month! I am active with New Jersey Special Olympics as a swimmer and have a lot of medals. I take acting classes every week. I play softball and basketball. I love bowling and singing is my favorite. I sing on my porch to the neighbors.

In 2017, I participated in a viral interview video for Nothing Down that showed the world we are more alike than different. I was also recently featured in the promotional video for Nothing Down’s new “R Card program.”
I will continue to be active in promoting that Down syndrome is not a life sentence of doom and gloom, and I’m empowered to shine in every aspect of my life!

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