Nicole I love the Nothing Down Organization! I especially enjoyed the Gala where I got to perform with a dance group. It was so much fun! My name is Nicole. I am 20 years old and live in Bucks County, Pennsylvania with my parents, two poodles and some chickens. Down syndrome is only a small […]

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Keldan Keldan will be three-years-old in April and is from the UK. We are so happy to have this opportunity to help spread the word far and wide that a Down Syndrome diagnosis is not the end of the world. We had a postnatal diagnosis. I actually said to the delivering midwife that I was

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Hanna Hanna Strebel is one of 29 ambassadors from across the globe chosen to represent Nothing Down in their mission to show the world the potential of individuals with Down syndrome. Hanna Strebel of Tabiona, UT was announced this week as an ambassador for Nothing Down, an organization aiming to change the way the world

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Isla Isla Grace is 17 months old and joy personified. She is the youngest of three, with big sister and brother, Ainsley (9) and Elias (7), cheering her on every step of the way. Isla has started standing on her own and is starting to take her first steps! She is a fiercely determined, and

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Lucas Lucas Solak is a 4 year old from Massachusetts who brings smiles to the face of everyone he meets. Lucas and his twin brother, Christopher, were adopted in 2018, in part thanks to a listing from the National Down Syndrome Adoption Network. We were only pondering adoption and hadn’t considered a child with Down

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Lane Sweet Lane is 16 months old and the youngest of four. Lane has been the biggest blessing for our entire family. We have all learned so much in such a short time and cannot wait to continue on this amazing advocating journey with Nothing Down! Lane spends his days on a six acre farm

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Olivia Olivia (Livie) was our early Christmas present five years ago! After our prenatal diagnosis at 17 weeks, she was welcomed into the world with abundant family support. Her infectious giggle and smile brings joy to all around her, but don’t let her fool you, she can give out sass like the best of them.

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Rocco Rocco lives in DeLand, FL with his mom, dad, and family dog, Wally. He attends Emmaus Lutheran Preschool where he is excelling in his intellectual development and stealing the hearts of his teachers. Rocco LOVES to sing and dance. If there is music playing Rocco is on his feet grooving to the beat and

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Peter Peter was recently selected as an International Ambassador for Nothing Down. Peter was diagnosed with Down syndrome at birth where the doctors told us he would die within 4 days. Well, he is now 27 and doing just fine. We want to share the message that doctors don’t always know everything and to always

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Odhrán Odhrán is a bubbly, chatty, dramatic toddler. He is 19 months and we have enjoyed every moment of his life. He amazes us each moment of every day with all that he can do and what he has achieved. He loves to play with his two dogs and go for walks with his mammy

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