Brett is 16 years old from Parker, Colorado but recently moved to Gilbert, Arizona. He is super outgoing, never meets a stranger, and has the biggest heart and most infectious laugh. Brett is a model, Disney enthusiast, adventure-seeker, and avid pajama-wearer. You will almost never see him without his beloved stuffed animals in hand, especially Bert, Woody, and Grumpy! He was a varsity cheerleader last year as a freshman and is a current Junior Denver Broncos Cheerleader. Brett is an ambassador for Make-a-Wish and was a 2015 ambassador for Children’s Hospital Colorado for showing perseverance through treatment. He made international headlines last year after becoming the first child with Down syndrome to walk the runway in Denver Fashion Week! Brett is reaching others every single day and helping to change negative perceptions of Down syndrome. Adopted as an older child, Brett is proving that there are no limits to what individuals with Down syndrome can accomplish with the proper supports and love. Brett is thrilled to be returning as a lifetime ambassador for Nothing Down. We absolutely love the message being spread that there is Nothing Down About Down syndrome!

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