Averie is a very sassy two-year-old. Although born in Ohio, she currently splits her time between her home in Fort Bragg, NC (yes, her daddy is in the Army) and working in Los Angeles. Averie had open heart surgery when she was 4 months old. She is spunky, stubborn, silly, loves to laugh when you tell her no, and into everything, pretty much like any other two-year-old. Music is her favorite and she will dance no matter where we are and she certainly doesn’t care who’s watching. Traveling and Disney are her two other favorite things to do!

Averie has two older sisters that keep her on her toes. I’m positive her attempts to keep up with them has been a huge contributing factor in the way she has hit every goal her OT has given her! She is currently learning sign language. Averie is so excited to be an ambassador and change any negative connotations people may have about Down syndrome because there is truly Nothing Down about it. She’s rockin’ her designer genes!

You can keep up with Averie at her Instagram- @averiegracefangmann

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